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Section 1. In order to improve, aid and encourage competency in the art and practice of falconry among interested persons, we do hereby associate ourselves as an unincorporated non-profit organization to be known as the ALABAMA HAWKING ASSOCIATION, known herein as the ASSOCIATION.

Section 2. We further declare that our purpose is to provide communications among and to disseminate information to interested members, to promote and support scientific studies, educational programs and practices which are directed towards the conservation and preservation of raptors as a species and the preservation of falconry as a field sport.


Section 1. Membership Categories, Criteria and Privileges

a. Any interested Resident of the State of Alabama who is a licensed falconer of good moral character, 16 years of age or older, may become a General or Apprentice Member of the ASSOCIATION.

1. General Membership – Any Resident of the State of Alabama, who is a General or Master Class falconer of good moral character, may become a General Member. General Members shall be entitled to all rights and privileges of the ASSOCIATION, including the right to vote and hold an Officer position.

2. Apprentice Membership. Any Resident of the state of Alabama, who is a licensed Apprentice falconer of good moral character, may become an Apprentice Member. Apprentice Members shall be entitled to all rights and privileges of the ASSOCIATION, including the right to vote but excluding the right to hold an Office Position.

b. Any person of good moral character may join as an Associate Member of the ASSOCIATION.

1. Associate Membership. Any person or organization of good moral character, 12 years of age or over, may become an Associate Member. Associate Members shall be entitled to all rights and privileges of the ASSOCIATION under these By-laws, except the rights to vote or hold an Officer Position.

c. Honorary Membership. Any person, whether because of exemplary behavior, achievement or contribution to the art and sport of falconry, may be awarded an Honorary Membership to the ASSOCIATION. Honorary Members shall be entitled to all rights and privileges of the ASSOCIATION, and may include the right to vote and/or hold office at the discretion of the board.

Section 2. Admission to Membership

a. Admission to all categories of membership shall be within the discretion of the Officers. For the refusal of admission of any person to membership, a concurrence of two of the three Officers shall be required.

b. All applicants shall, prior to acceptance, submit a membership application in a form to be determined by the Officers, and shall tender current dues. The application form shall include the applicant's mailing address, email address and class of falconry license held, if any.

c. Persons selected as Honorary Members shall submit a membership application and will be exempt from all membership dues.

Section 3. Duration of Membership
a. Upon timely payment of annual dues, ALL membership shall extend from calendar year to

calendar year without interruption, unless otherwise terminated in accordance with these By-laws.

b. Honorary Membership shall extend for life. Section 4. Dues

  1. Annual dues for All levels of Membership shall be established in amounts recommended by the Officers and approved by two-thirds vote of the Members.

  2. Dues shall be payable to the Treasurer at the time of submission of application for membership, or in case of renewals, between January 1st and the last day in February annually.

  3. Dues shall not be apportionable for any part of a calendar year, either upon admission to or termination of membership.

  4. Dues will not be pro-rated if member joins at a different time and will not be refunded if membership is terminated for any reason.

Section 4. Email Address

a. It shall be the responsibility of each Member to maintain a current email address on file with the ASSOCIATION at all times. Such address shall be used for all purposes within the ASSOCIATION, including emailing of all ASSOCIATION business communications and publications.

Section 5. Termination or Suspension of Membership

  1. General, Apprentice, Associate and Honorary Membership may be terminated by resignation of the member. It may also be terminated for such cause and in such manner, as in the sole judgment of the Officers, is in the best interests of the ASSOCIATION.

  2. General, Apprentice, and Associate Membership will terminate automatically if not renewed by payment of prescribed annual dues on or before March 1st annually.

  3. General, Apprentice, Associate and Honorary Membership may be suspended or terminated by the Officers if such member has violated the By-laws of the ASSOCIATION, or has been convicted of a falconry-related felony by State or Federal authorities, or in the sole judgment of the Officers, such member’s status, activities or motives are prejudicial to the best interests of the ASSOCIATION. Such suspension or termination shall be imposed only by affirmative vote of a majority of the Officers. The member will be notified via email of the reason for the suspension or termination. Actions by the Officers with respect to suspension or termination shall be final and shall not be subject to ratification by or appeal to the Members. While in a suspended status, a Member shall not be entitled to vote or hold office.


Section 1. Authority for the operation and management of the ALABAMA HAWKING ASSOCIATION shall rest ultimately on the Members. This authority normally shall be exercised by delegation, through the By-laws, to the Officers, which shall be the policy-making body of the ASSOCIATION, in conformity with the By-laws.

Section 2. The Officers, collectively and individually, shall be responsible to the Members as a whole, not to individual members thereof.

Section 3. The By-laws shall provide for exercise of final authority by the Members by prescribing procedures for Members meetings. They shall provide further for mandatory submission of any matter to the Members for vote in response to or to petitions from a representative number or percentage of the Members at any time. Such matters shall include, but not be limited to, removal of, Officers or Members, proposed amendments to the Constitution and By-laws, and dissolution of the ASSOCIATION.


Section 1. The Officers of the ALABAMA HAWKING ASSOCIATION shall consist of three duly elected positions; namely, the President, Vice-President and Secretary; and such other officers as may be necessary in the Officer’s or Member’s judgment to provide for the efficient executive, administrative and financial management of the ASSOCIATION. All officers shall be elected by the Members.

  1. Electorate. The officers of the ASSOCIATION shall be elected by the Members at a regularly scheduled meeting. Election shall be by nomination and vote from Eligible Members present at a regularly scheduled meeting. A simple majority vote, by voice (or ballots, when available) shall be required for election to any office. Elections shall be completed at the yearly meeting. Eligible Members shall be provided timely notice of both nominations and elections.

  2. Qualifications. Officers must be General or Master Class Falconers, General Members of this ASSOCIATION and must have held Membership in the ASSOCIATION for a minimum of 1 year prior to nomination and election

  3. Terms. The term of each office for each officer shall be two consecutive years, beginning on March 1st and ending on the last day in February. All eligible members may be nominated again once their term is over.

  4. Responsibility: The Officers shall have full control and supervision of the affairs of the ASSOCIATION; shall have full authority to make rules and regulations for the administration of the ASSOCIATION, consistent with the Constitution and By-Laws; and shall be responsible to the Members for the effective and efficient operation of the ASSOCIATION.

Section 2. The President may appoint such standing or ad hoc committees deemed necessary for the proper functioning of the ASSOCIATION.

Section 3. No officer or member of a committee of this ASSOCIATION shall receive compensation of any kind from ASSOCIATION funds or assets for services rendered, except for payment of legitimate expenses as approved by the Officers.

Section 4. Contracts. In addition to the general powers conferred, the Officers shall control and manage all funds and property of the ASSOCIATION, including specifically the appropriation and disbursement of its funds. It shall control and authorize the making of all contracts and purchases of the ASSOCIATION. However, unless specifically authorized by the Members, it shall have no power or authority to contract for or otherwise obligate the ASSOCIATION for any debts or obligations greater than the amount of money which shall, at the time of contracting such debt or obligation, be in the Treasury. By authority of the Officers, contracts in the name of the ASSOCIATION shall be signed by the President.

Section 5. Termination and Removal of Officers

  1. With the approval of the remaining Officers, an Officer may resign with a minimum of 30 days’ notice. The termination of Membership, and/or the failure to attend two or more Members meetings, shall be equivalent to resignation and removal shall not require the approval of the remaining Officers.

  2. An Officer may be removed from office upon written petition signed by 30 percent of the Members. The remaining Officers shall then submit the petition to the Members present at the next Regular Membership meeting for vote.

c. In the event that a vacancy occurs in any manner other than by expiration of term of office, then the remaining Officers, by majority vote, shall fill the vacancy temporarily by appointment from the eligible Members, provided that such temporary appointment shall continue only until the next regularly scheduled election, at which time the office shall be filled by normal election process, either to the unexpired portion of the term or to a new term, as appropriate.

Section 6. Submission to the Members

  1. Within the discretion of the Officers, any matter may be submitted to the Members for vote.

    The Officers shall be bound by the resulting vote of the Members upon the issue submitted.

  2. Upon the written petition of 30 percent of the Members, any matter including but not limited to proposed amendments to the Constitution and By-laws shall be submitted to the Members for vote. The Officers shall be bound by the resulting vote of the Members.

  3. Following receipt of such petition, the Officers shall submit the matter to the Members at the next Members meeting.

Section 7. Duties of the Officers

  1. President. The President shall call and preside at all meetings, except as otherwise prescribed herein. He shall be responsible for the planning and presentation of all matters requiring action by the Members, and the expeditious processing of such matters to a conclusion. He shall conduct ASSOCIATION business in accord with policies set, and he shall perform such further acts and duties as may be prescribed.

  2. Vice-President. The Vice-President, in the absence of the President or in the event of his death, disability, or inability to act, shall perform all acts and duties of the President. The Vice-President shall select and make all necessary arrangements for the location of each Members meeting and shall convey that information in a timely fashion to the Secretary for dissemination to the Members. He shall plan and execute or cause to be executed a relevant program at each Members meeting. He shall assist the President as required and shall perform such other and further duties as may be prescribed.

  3. Secretary. The Secretary shall give or cause to be given notice of all meetings of the Members. He shall keep minutes and other records of all meetings of the Officers and the Members, and he shall keep records of all actions taken by the Officers. He shall conduct necessary correspondence on behalf of the ASSOCIATION and shall maintain records of such correspondence and any other official correspondence of the ASSOCIATION as may be furnished him by the Officers of the ASSOCIATION. He shall maintain a complete file of all ASSOCIATION publications. He shall maintain all ASSOCIATION files and records, other than financial, which are necessary for the conduct of ASSOCIATION affairs. He shall maintain complete lists of contact information of past and current Members in all categories; and when required shall certify to the status of the memberships. He shall perform such other and further duties as may be prescribed.

  4. Treasurer (NOT an Officer position). This position will be appointed by the Officers. The Treasurer shall serve as custodian of all ASSOCIATION funds and property, and shall maintain a strict accounting of all receipts and expenditures. He shall collect and receive all monies due the ASSOCIATION from whatever source. He shall pay only such expenditures as have been authorized by the Officers and within the appropriate budget. He shall deposit all ASSOCIATION funds in a suitable account and insure that the President and the Vice- President have full access to the designated account at any given time. He shall maintain proper accounting records of the ASSOCIATION, and upon notice from the Officers shall submit a current statement of receipts and expenditures and a statement of fund balances. He shall maintain any items available for sale to the Members (such as pins, patches, decals, etc.) in accordance with policies and at prices established by the Officers. He shall perform such other and further duties as the Officers may direct, including a final audit when appropriate.


Section 1. There will be at least one annual meeting of the Officers, to be held in conjunction with a

Members meeting. These meetings will be held physically at a predetermined location.

  1. The Officers shall meet in person, upon call of the President at any time, but not less than one time each calendar year. The President, or in his absence the Vice-President, shall preside over all Officer Meetings, except as otherwise prescribed in these By-Laws.

  2. A quorum as such will not be required, but unless otherwise prescribed herein, the affirmative vote of not less than a majority of the Officers, in person, shall be required for action on any matter. At a Regular Meeting, a quorum shall consist of not less than the nearest whole number greater than 50% of the Members in good standing, represented in person. A majority vote of the quorum shall control.

  3. Committee of the Whole. In the absence of a quorum, those present at a Regular Meeting shall function as a Committee of the Whole in order to carry out the business of the Association. A majority vote of the Committee shall control.

  4. Notice. Written notice of Regular Meetings shall be sent to or given to each Member and shall include the date, time and place of the meeting.



Section 1. Editors of ASSOCIATION Publications

  1. Editors of the ASSOCIATION publications shall be appointed by the Officers from Eligible Members, to serve as needed.

  2. Such editors shall compile, publish, and distribute ASSOCIATION publications in conformity with operational, editorial and financial policies determined by the Officers.

Section 2. Others

a. The Officers may, from time to time, authorize the publication of certain informational, promotional or publicity matters for distribution within or outside the membership, when such action is clearly in the best interests of the ASSOCIATION.


Section 1. Consistent with the provisions of this Constitution, the Members shall establish and maintain

By-laws governing the management and operation of the ASSOCIATION.

a. The Constitution and By-laws may be amended only at a Members meeting by the Members present, provided that written notice of such proposed amendment and the contents thereof shall be emailed to each eligible member in good standing at his email address on file with the ASSOCIATION, not less than 20 days prior to the regularly scheduled meeting.



Section 1. Proposed amendments to this Constitution shall be submitted by the Officers, in writing, to all Eligible Members not less than 20 days prior to vote.

Section 2. This Constitution may be amended by affirmative vote of two-thirds of the Members who make a timely response to such proposed amendment, either in person or electronically.



Section 1. The members may, by affirmative vote of a minimum of two-thirds of the Eligible Members, request to terminate the existence of the ASSOCIATION immediately or at a future certain time. At this time, the Officers shall meet as soon as possible and vote on the matter. The termination of the ASSOCATION will only move forward if ALL of the officers (in addition to two-thirds of the members) agree with the dissolution.

Section 2. In such event, or in the event of termination of the ASSOCIATION by operation of law or in any other matter, the Officers shall forthwith proceed to wind up the affairs of the ASSOCIATION. All property and assets of the ASSOCIATION, including accounts receivable, if any, shall be reduced to cash or other suitable disposition made, and all outstanding ASSOCIATION debts, obligations, or liabilities shall be satisfied insofar as assets of the ASSOCIATION permit.

Section 3. When the above requirements have been satisfied, the Officers shall dispose of the balance of cash, if any, and any other property in such manner and to such organization or organizations operated and organized principally or exclusively for charitable, ecological, educational, scientific or wildlife conservation purposes as shall, at the time, qualify as an exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Law which may be then in effect, as it may determine appropriate.

Section 4. A full and general accounting of the dissolution shall be given by the Officers to the Members.

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